i'm axel

look upon my works, mighty ye, and despair

something like 13 of these sites exist, in varying degrees of completion and with different designs. i constantly iterate and rewrite because i hate myself what i make

this specific version is meant as a sort of creative studio - a space free from constraint where i can do whatever i want. i can cater to whatever aesthetic i feel, and i can incorporate whatever elements i want


robotics and electrical engineering

[22:31] [01/09/2023]

first post of the new year.

robotics has begun.

i've suddenly developed an interest in electrical engineering. i think i'll switch my undergrad.


[11:17] [12/29/2022]

Merry Christmas. Happy new year.

Robotics soon.


[21:31] [11/17/2022]

All of my university applications have been submitted and paid for.

Of course, that means I've also had to make a different account with each one.

So I have five university accounts. Yay.

UCalgary is still waiting for my transcripts, but once they get them I can be considered for early admission offers.

Pretty cool, right?


[16:30] [11/16/2022]

the first true snowfall happened today. about 6 inches.

snowboarding season soon.

i am not real.


[21:34] [11/11/2022]

I ordered a package yesterday. An item I have been waiting to go on sale for about one year now. I was able to buy it in a size and color I was happy with, and for a discounted price, which was great. However, during checkout, I made a grevious mistake.

I moved recently. The last time I purchased something on this website was with that address. All well and good, I changed my billing address during checkout, and hit buy. What I didn't hit, was that little checkbox beside the words "Shipping address same as billing address".

So it's shipping to a house I don't own anymore. Hopefully their support is able to get back to me before it ships, or DHL offers some sort of address correction or mail forwarding. If all else fails, I'll reach out to the new owners, and explain.

It's a really cool sweater though, so it'll be worth it.

thoughts on things

[19:14] [11/09/2022]

ok this is a bigger one. i'm going to try and lay out my thoughts on a few things here.

let's start with this site. right now this is html, css, and maybe 10kb of client side js. that js is there to update my clock, and to request these posts from an api i built that's running on another server. in the future, i'd like to remove the api. it adds a layer of complexity i'd like to avoid with this site, but right now it's the best way to deliver this content without adding another <div> every time i have a thought. what i would like to change, somehow, is how i write these posts. currently, its through a shell, which i like. it's fun to write. but i don't like having to ssh into a seperate server and all that jazz. in the meantime, i'll likely add more to said api. seperate the links, maybe, by reading them from a .txt file and populating an api endpoint.

one thing i love about the idea for this website, is that it's not actually connected to me as a real person. i can voice these thoughts, and not have to worry about someone reading htem. i can express myself however i feel. it's cool.

i've discovered a love for CAD and 3d printing in the last month. i'm almost done designing and printing my own set of planet gears, which was a really good introduction from my experience. i think my next project will be a two speed gear box. i love the idea. i was thinking about it earlier, because i'm determined to go into the project without actually knowing how a gearbox is designed or made. i want to create my own. and it's been going well. it feels incredible having an epiphany moment of realization as i figure out a solution to a physical problem i'm having, whether that's how to solve the problem of shifting, or how to mount the ring gear in such a way it supports the planets and sun without being tied to them. it's absolutely wonderful.

i was also thinking about what else i could host on this site earlier. i'm going to start adding more links and posting here, obviously, but i might move some of my other more secretive multimedia projects here, like that WORM-spinoff i've fantasized about forever. or some wonder website i've come up with. or some other writing project. who knows.

i think that's all of my thoughts, for now at least.

i fixed sort

[22:19] [11/08/2022]

i did it

live testing

[21:47] [11/08/2022]

we're not only live, but we're making live changes

how cool is that?

did i fix sort

[21:28] [11/08/2022]

i did not

we're live

[20:24] [11/07/2022]

welcome to this place. it's a creative playground for one, orchestrated by axel. be ready for anything. who knows what i'll do?