Portrait of Master Woo

The Foo Archive

Many years ago, Eric S. Raymond started a project that would be known as Rootless Root, a collection of several Unix-related writings stylized as koans and tales. Among these writings is Master Foo, a legendary master of the Unix Way, enlightening many with the knowledge of the Patriarchs and of his own findings. As a means of respecting Master Foo's many teachings, we at soda have decided to archive his wisdom, his words, and uhh, all that jazz. It's only fair, really.

01 ...and the Ten Thousand Lines
02 ...and the Script Kiddie
03 ...Discourses on the Two Paths
04 ...and the Methodologist
05 ...Discourses on the Graphical User Interface
06 ...and the Old Hand
07 ...and the Shell Tools
08 ...and the Nervous Novice
09 ...and the Recruiter
10 ...Discourses on Returning to Windows
11 ...and the Unix Zealot
12 ...and the MCSE
13 ...and the End User
14 ...and the Programming Prodigy
15 ...and the Hardware Designer