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This is the soda page of num. This page is over a year old yet I haven't put much effort into it. Now that we're in lockdown due to corona-chan I thought this would be a better time than ever to actually do something with it.

To sum this page up: if you like /g/ and linux autism with a hint of link directories then you're in luck.

NOTE: This site will never track you because I don't care who you are nor will it have JS.

Who I am

I'm num also known as redshift. I'm a part of the 3 original soda lads, 4 if you count the guy that got booted but that's another story for another time.. Alas. I'm into tech for the most part but like specific niches of it instead of trying to like everything. I sometimes go on 4chan - specifically /g/ and sometimes /sci/ and /wg/ so some of the things I'll talk about on this will be somewhat related to things I have seen there.

Aside from that there isn't much else to say about me other than I accidentally stumbled upon a great group of people that have given me the opportunity to have things such as this very site. I'm grateful for that.

I hand write this whole site in vim on an Arch Linux machine which is pretty theraputic and enjoyable. If you want some resources on vim I recommend this and this.

If you want to send me spam or other shit you can contact me at

You can also see the original site here.

The Pages

I'll probably add more pages in the future but at the time of writing this the pages are as follows:

This is my link list/directory of cool webpages and old webpages that I've enjoyed in the past and present. It's inspired by Peelopaalu which is ran by my good friend Snooper.
My raw stream of thoughts etc.