What is this site?

This is the soda page of num. Because the whole corona-chan lockdowns I've had more time to work on this site and it has went through 2 whole redesigns now and more will probably come. Something people say about this site is it has perpetual redesigns.

I still have the rough design of the original site and you can find that here. There is also the concept design for a site from before soda even existed which I'll have to try and find so I can link that too. It was made by my good friend Ikoe because my HTML/CSS skills back then were so bad.

Who I am

I'm num but I go with redshift for people who don't know me because I don't particularly like the old name too much but it stuck so, oh well I guess. I'm a part of the 3 original soda lads and we have this webring called soda based on a group from Soda Hall in UC Berkeley sometime in the 90s.

I hand write this whole site in vim on an Arch Linux machine which is pretty theraputic and enjoyable. If you want some resources on vim I recommend this and this. Maybe one day I'll make an Arch Linux install guide but you can always just follow the official install guide. People say it's hard but it really isn't. Trust me, I've tried installing Gentoo and I nearly did but there was a kernel panic.


Go check out sam, Snooper/Peelopaalu (if you haven't already then what the fuck have you been doing?), sugo, 123 and, of course, the rest of soda. If there are other sites I am forgetting please bust my balls about it.

Email: num@privatevoid.net