Making my site a just werks site.

I've decided after many iterations of my site to just make it as simple as possible also known as making it just werk. I tried something like this before where it was just a monospace font, white foreground and black background and it was cool but didn't appeal to me that well and was done away with.

But now I think may be the final design change I make to the site. I am no webdev and do this for fun and the past iterations have been really complex to manage because I was trying to fit a design of like a minimal but aesthetically pleasing website, and because design isn't my forte, it didn't go as planned and became more of a headache to work on than something of a hobby.

I tried making an automated blog in bash and having to manipulate HTML in a shell language is no easy task and since that headache I haven't really touched the idea of making another blog till now. This one will just be manually typed out because honestly that's way easier to manage.