I hate Twitter.

I'm done with Twitter. Twitter is 100% marketed towards a certain political leaning, and as 2020 has shown, it's a tool to pit people against one another. I'm fed up going on there to see people screech about retarded shit or to see who's getting dogpilled on next without hearing what the other side of whatever situation has to say (cancel culture). I remember back when the guy got killed by the cop all these antifa retards turning rightfully done black lives matter protests into anarchist movements and thinking to myself, "Why am I on a site that encourages this shit?". Then "anonymous" came back except this "anonymous" seemed very interested in promoting antifa and its tweets spread like wild fire breeding the hate machine. Once something gets too big then it goes to shit and that's true for Twitter and it's true for sites like Reddit too.

Gonna just not look at Twitter or use it anymore cause it's a waste of mental energy and is such a fucking shithole especially this year.

Also to be clear I'm not a centrist but I think both sides of the spectrum are equally dumb as shit.