Some site updates!

So over the last month I've made some small but worthwhile iterations to the site which I think are really good and wanna talk about!

Stats page

I recently created a bash script to give site statistics such as how many links are in each link list, how many blog posts there are and how many in each category, how many files/directories are in the directory structure and a couple small things such as when the site was last updated and which part of the site was last updated. I could probably add more things in the future because the script is very flexible and fast to run to. It gets ran whenever I upload a new version of the site with rsync so it's pretty up-to-date.

Blog index

The blog page now has an index of all the posts and when they were made. It contains some old posts that I found on older iterations of the site. They may not be the most interesting but they are there for archival purposes. They're under a tag called the old tag, which as you can see in the index, is for older archived posts. This brings me to the new colour coded categories which I made so you can easily find your way through the posts.

Link list format

I changed the format of the link lists back to tables because I realised the simple way I was using had a major blunder in that once a description became too long weird things with the spacing would start happening. The fix? Make it a table with a fixed width so it just breaks the line when it overflows. Problem sorted with that.

On the note of the link list I also added colouring to make the site easier to read because I got asked about making it easier to see what line you are looking at.