New Year, Another New Redesign.

Date Mon 08 Feb 2021
Category site

...again. Yes, another redesign. I miss the old design so I wanted to adapt on it with this new design. There is a lot to cover in this post so lets get into it!


I wanted to meet a couple of goals with the redesign:

I think these are slowly being met as I progress with the site. For now what I have is ready for upload but it'll probably be expanded on in the future.

Blog System

The blog system is now fully automated.. again. This post is being written in Markdown which will then be converted to HTML once I am done. From there an entry will be added to the index and a new page with these contents will be created.

Speaking of a new page for the post, yes I moved all the posts to their own respective pages. This happened because I was fuckin around with post info like date, category etc. and I kept using so many <div> tags and it became really messy so I eventually went fuck it and moved them all to their own pages. I feel this was a good move because now it will be easier to parse in case I want to do that in the future.

That last part was foreshadowing to this: I might make an RSS feed now that the posts are easier to parse and because I have been using RSS a lot more recently. Newsflash is pretty good but it's written in Rust which takes forever to compile so it's up to you. I've tried newsboat but I didn't really like it.

Closing Remarks

That's about all I wanted to cover. The link list will get more updates and I might bring back the status page but for now this is all I wanted. I got an extreme case of burnout and nearly gave up on this altogether so I'm glad I took a break and came back to this. This is merely a side thing and it felt like a chore but the new automation I have added should help keep it fun.