The Soda Tenets

Revision 1

(As in, like, the shit we believe in. Our ideology or something.)

First of all; thank you! The very fact that you're here optimistically implies that you're interested in giving Soda a try. That alone is, er, heartwarming. For lack of a better word.

Second of all; please keep in mind that Soda is less of a hosting site and more of a webring. It ain't no GeoCities, by any means, but we nonetheless wanna embrace a more community-oriented feel with a tinge of laidback learning. To that end...

  1. Talkin' heads. Communication isn't a downright necessity, but keeping in touch is nice. As-is, you can hit us up through our mail(s), through Discord, or if you're feeling spicy, through the on-server mail client. Still, option #2'd be better on the whole; any form of IM means we can get to you ASAP if you run into any issues while operating via the CLI, or if the server bursts into flames by accident (again). And on that note...
  2. Command line = best line. Soda embraces a deeply hands-on nature. We provide no online editor or uploader; that's all on you. To edit and upload things on/to the server, we recommend the pairing of SSH and SCP (on Windows, a combo such as PuTTY and WinSCP'll do). Alternatively, if you aren't planning on uploading any local files, SSH alone should be just as good - wget and curl > {file} are pretty damn helpful in that regard.
  3. Help a brother out. If HTML or CSS or - God forbid - JS scare the bejesus out of you solely because they seem complex as hell after a while, fret not. At the time of writing, three of us've all started our "webdev" adventures by slamming into walls and trying to memorize heaps of shit; a couple of years later, we just slam into 'em a bit less harder. Feel free to ask 'round if you ever get stuck on something. Easier to slam into those walls with a bud or two.
  4. Have common sense. Vague? Absolutely. Interpret it however ya wish; bottom line, we expect you to not be a jackass.

And that's about it. Sounds good? Have any extra questions? You know where the mail's at.