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Maintenance Mode

Posted 10 Feb 2023 (2023-02-10)

Over the last little while I’ve been thinking of putting the site into a “maintenance mode” sort of thing where I stop updating it and only make minor changes to it every now and then as the need for changes comes up.

The reasoning for why I have been thinking this way is I feel like the flame inside of me has died out in terms of how I care about this site and what I want to put out there.

When I started the site life was very different to as it is currently. I’m no longer a NEET wishing that I could die every day; I’m grown up now and things have changed dramatically.

So what’s changing? Well, as a maintenance mode suggests (in the world of software development), “A maintenance release is a release of a product that does not add new features or content. For instance, in computer software, maintenance releases are typically intended to solve minor problems, typically “bugs” or security issues.”

That’s really all that would change. Minor issues like tweaking of links etc. I may occasionally update the blog but most likely everything would be frozen in a state. The good thing about using git to manage the site is I can basically lock it at a commit to show there will be no more progress.

Emails will still be answered for all who send them. If I don’t get back to you right away do not be alarmed or something, I’ll check my mails about once a week.

For now, this is it. A change of the times. I may start my own standalone site but who knows; time will tell for that. If I do this shall be updated.