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I started this circa. end of October 2019 and have been slowly adding to it ever since. The links are of various topics. Also feel free to link to this too if you make a list. :)


  1. If you like the list and want to contribute or something then email me at!
  2. Please do NOT try and sell me something or get an advertisement – but if you do decide to do it anyway, at least make it funny and interesting.
  3. Sites may go down. If so then head to or and try looking them up there. Sometimes it works, sometimes they aren’t archived.
  4. Links will all open in a seperate window/tab based on browser settings.

As of Sep 2023 there are 92 links on the list. You can count them if you really want to.

Findings: The OG Soda which this Soda is based on. All ideas are taken and transformed.
Genre: Community
Findings: If this didn’t exist Soda, as a webring, probably wouldn’t. It was our inspiration.
Genre: Webring

Findings: A contrarian tech group that may or may not be a meme. I actually cannot tell but they have some suspect texts which would hint at that.
Genre: UNIX/Technology in general

Findings: Cyberpunk-styled textboard where I made a lot of good friends. Various boards such as /tech/, /u/ (Random), /cyb/ (Cyberpunk RP)
Genre: Textboard

Findings: Invite-only all things technology forum with a similar upvote/downvote system to Reddit. Better than “Hacker” “News”.
Genre: Technology

Findings: AI-powered news aggregator which grabs content, based on your country, from a bunch of different sources. An honest attempt at being unbiased possibly.
Genre: News aggregation

Spyware Watchdog
Findings: A spyware classification project. I’m not sure how accurate the information is but it is good reading material.
Genre: Privacy/Software

Findings: The personal site of Eric S. Raymond. The creator of the The Cathedral and the Bazaar (1997), How To Ask Questions The Smart Way (2004-2014) and Master Foo.
Genre: Personal site/Technology

How To Ask Questions The Smart Way
Findings: How To Ask Questions The Smart Way. This is mostly geared towards internet forums etc. where the user has to ask a question and the people who are gonna answer the question don’t wanna waste time.
Genre: Information/Guide

Findings: Cicada 3301 archive.
Genre: Archive

Bash Blob
Findings: Linux-style memes.
Genre: Memes

Cron Jobs
Findings: If you ever need to make a cronjob this is the place to go. Takes the syntax and breaks it down simply.
Genre: UNIX/Linux

Stumbling On
Findings: A recreation of a site with a similar name that serves the same purpose. It is actually a really common way people find Soda!
Genre: Link aggregator

Sentimental Corporation
Findings: Used to think it was an ARG but it seems to be linked to a man called Randy Prozac who was “the ringleader behind GOAT WORSHIP, an Absurdist video making outfit, comprising of a group of actors performing in bizarre experimental videos” source
Genre: Absurdism art

Findings: A site which teaches how to set up IRIX.
Genre: Operating System

Show Me The Image
Findings: It shows you the image.
Genre: Images

Mental Models Box
Findings: Research which explains different ways of approaching problems and reasoning.
Genre: Psychology?

Findings: “a terrible forth-like language for making memes”. It reminds me a lot of Brainfuck.
Genre: Programming

Findings: The personal site of z411. It’s a comfy site which I quite enjoy. He also hosts some services.
Genre: Personal site/Services

Cambridge Cyber Gardening Club Postbox
Findings: A postcard imageboard. I’ve never seen anything like it before and I really dig it. Might send a card myself one day.
Genre: Imageboard with postcards!

channel 4
Findings: A really old textboard that still gets some posts. It’s pretty comfy but almost sad when you’re reading something and can relate to the anon, then you see the post date says 2006.
Genre: Prodominantly a textboard

Post Office
Findings: Comfy text/image/video board.
Genre: Multimedia board

Project Hessdalen
Findings: A Norwegian town tracking strange lights in the skies above them. Looks like UFO’s but probably isn’t.
Genre: UFO's

Martin Kleppe aka aemkei
Findings: “JavaScript Hacks and Creative Coding”. Definitely sums it up.
Genre: Programming/JavaScript

Findings: “The GeoCities Animated GIF Search Engine” started by the Internet Archive.
Genre: Archive

Richard Stallman
Findings: Richard Stallman, the chad himself. Nothing else needs to be said on that matter.
Genre: Ganoo Slash Linoox or as I've recently taken to calling it, Ganoo Plus Linoox

Findings: The Doomworld Legacy File Database running since 1993, of course.
Genre: Database

rawtext club
Findings: A community that talks slowly through the command line. Kinda seems like a meme but it’s pretty interesting honestly.
Genre: Command line/Community

emotion codes
Findings: Seems to be tools that someone uses in order to process emotions. I guess it’s sorta self help.
Genre: Self help

Terminal 00
Findings: ARG or something meant to be a epileptic art piece.
Genre: ARG/Art?

Findings: A group of Webrings that are like but host all kinds of things. Soda is still infinitely better tho :^). “member status in the tildeverse mainly involves some level of engagement or presence on irc”, fuck that honestly.
Genre: Webring of Webrings?

Dig Deeper
Findings: Articles on privacy, the internet, and cool tools you should use to not get spied on.
Genre: Internet/Privacy/Software

Findings: The Webshit Weekly. Dives through the horseshit midden known as “Hacker” “News” so you don’t have to.
Genre: News

Findings: “Search Engine for the Classic Web”
Genre: Search Engine

Make Frontend Shit Again
Findings: Lets go back in time and make the internet fun again.
Genre: Based and Redpilled

A motherfucking website
Findings: “This is a motherfucking website. And it’s fucking perfect.”
Genre: A motherfucking website

Better Motherfucking Website
Findings: “This is still a motherfucking website. And it’s more fucking perfect than the last guy’s.”
Genre: A motherfucking website

Perfect Motherfucking Website
Findings: “This is the final motherfucking website. And it’s really more fucking perfect than the last guy’s.”
Genre: A motherfucking website

Ultimate Motherfucking Website
Findings: “… the last thing I want is another shitty website that claims it is perfect!”. The final(?) version with accessiblity checks and all.
Genre: A motherfucking website

Findings: Do What the Fuck You Want to Public License
Genre: License

Larry Wall
Findings: The creator of the Perl Programming Language’s personal site. Quite the sight (pun intended).
Genre: Personal site/Programming

Findings: What it would be like if a nuclear weapon was dropped on a location.
Genre: Nuclear weapons

The Swiss Bay
Findings: The Swiss Bay PDF Archive. le sekrit page
Genre: PDF archive

Findings: An example of perfect web design.
Genre: Funny?

Dank Memes
Findings: /s4s/ made it so you know what you’re in for.
Genre: Memes

Findings: The personal site of Otis Eugene “Gene” Ray. “personal web page, founded in 1997 by the self-proclaimed ‘wisest man on earth’”
Genre: Personal site/Conspiracy

Beneath VT
Findings: “Exploring Virginia Tech’s steam tunnels and beyond”. Really like the idea of underground secret tunnels.
Genre: Exploration

Findings: If you’re into Linux and CTF-style games, this is for you.
Genre: Linux/CTF

Internet Archive
Findings: Largest Archive of the Internet. Everyone uses it and god bless it for existing.
Genre: Archive

Findings: “Yeah it’s mail with cocks”. Do you really need to hear more?
Genre: Mail service

Netiquette Guidelines
Findings: Written in 1995, the Netiquette Guidelines set out how to act and exist on the internet with other people. Some of the information is still relevant and some of it should be adopted!
Genre: RFC

Findings: Make your URL’s longer!
Genre: A very angry URL lengthener

Findings: Another web directory, albeit a lot more organised compared to this one.
Genre: Web directory

The Eye
Findings: Big data archive with a lot of different categories.
Genre: Data archive
Findings: Temporary storage for files. If you use the command line you can upload files to this via curl.
Genre: File upload/Command line

Andreas Kling
Findings: The author of SerenityOS’ blog.
Genre: Blog/Operating systems

PGP beginners guide
Findings: “A PGP beginners guide, for beginners who want to do it right”. Very simple and straight to the point. Good resource.
Genre: Cryptography

Findings: Organised Link Directory formerly known as OPD then DMOZ apparently.
Genre: Link directory

Go Get Spoiled
Findings: A site which aims to spoil movies.
Genre: Movies

Findings: I get hardcore Esperanto vibes from this.
Genre: Universal language

Findings: Live 4chan board stats and thread stats. Useful for timing posts :^).
Genre: Statistics

time is
Findings: World clock with a very nice UI
Genre: Time/Information

Arch Linux
Findings: A Linux distribution I keep coming back to. Possibly my favourite.
Genre: Linux & Technology

Findings: A large repository of DOS-era PC fonts.
Genre: DOS/Fonts

Install Gentoo
Findings: The /g/ Wiki.
Genre: 4chan/Technology

Astronomers Telegram
Findings: Astronomy News straight from the people who do the science.
Genre: Astronomy

Findings: Free and open-source Shitter front-end that actually respects your privacy. No JavaScript.
Genre: Social media

Findings: Weather straight from the terminal.. or the webpage if you go and visit it.
Genre: Weather/CLI

The Geocities Gallery
Findings: A gallery of pure Geocities S O U L.
Genre: 90s

Findings: Personal site of someone who makes lists of things and writings based around Technology, the Internet and a lot of other based topics. Used to link to either this list or Soda at one point. Anywho, hello!
Genre: Too based to define.

Findings: File upload site. maximum upload is 200MB.
Genre: File upload

Findings: Markdown Pastebin for those who don’t like plain-text.
Genre: Pastebin

Findings: Personal site of a /g/ anon. Some cool writings etc. to be found in here. It is a site I enjoy.
Genre: Personal site

Microsoft "Completely Confidential" Secrets
Findings: A guy who found a vulnerability in Microsoft’s software and went down a rabbit hole.
Genre: Write-up

Deception Island
Findings: An island in antarctica with a hidden, but active, volcano.
Genre: Information/Geology

Findings: God’s Operating System made by the late, but also great, Terry A. Davis
Genre: Operating System

Findings: A repository of DOS games with a twist - they’re modern.
Genre: DOS/Games

Library Of Babel
Findings: A library with the goal to have all of the worlds information - private and public - contained in it. It’s essentially the Infinite monkey theorem
Genre: Unsure

MDN Web Docs
Findings: Mozilla’s web documentation. Without it I wouldn’t know as much as I know about web development.
Genre: Web development

Findings: Makes guides with the goal of “creating a stable foundation of technology that is reliable, understandable, and practical for an individual to build for themselves”.
Genre: Guides

Findings: “the greatest website on the internet!”. Link aggregator much like this site but not so much of a directory. It’s pretty interesting.
Genre: Link aggregator

no hello
Findings: A handy guide on how to talk in internet chat rooms. You sometimes see people just say “Hello” and that’s it. What does it mean? Waste of time, just tell people your issue.
Genre: Internet etiquette

Don't ask to ask, just ask
Findings: Much like the link above: don’t ask to ask, just ask.
Genre: Internet etiquette

Bram Moolenaar
Findings: The personal site of Bram Moolenaar, creator of Vim (Vi IMproved). Typing this in vim currently. Changed my life for the better. May he rest in peace. 1961-3 August 2023.
Genre: Vim/Text editor

Linux Kernel Mailing List archive
Findings: The archive of the Linux Kernel Mailing List. Some funny ones from torvalds pop up every now and then. I quite like this one.
Genre: Linux

Findings: Requires WebGL 2 support (which I don’t care for – but here it is anyway). Fly around video game worlds from yesterdays.
Genre: Games

Findings: The NixOS Linux distro as well as the nix package manager. Absolutely superior to anything else once you get over the learning curve. You might want to read this first however.
Genre: Linux

Findings: From the description (which doesn’t do it justice): “FINAL CUT is a C++ class library and widget toolkit that enables developers to create text-based user interfaces.” … except they’re absolutely amazing and look straight out of Windows 3.1 but with colour.
Genre: Programming

2FA Directory
Findings: A directory of popular services which all support (or don’t support) 2FA.
Genre: Security + Directory

Findings: A way to be able to manipulate PDF’s in various ways.
Genre: Tool

Covert Instruments
Findings: Physical tools for interesting purposes.
Genre: Tool

OWASP Cheat Sheet Series
Findings: Cheat sheets for securing various kinds of applications from web servers to XSS to user management services.
Genre: Application Security