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not a peelopaalu copycat i swear

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num's link list

Inspired by Peelopaalu (it's in the list) and /g/ websites threads. I started this circa. end of October 2019 and have been slowly adding to it ever since. At the time of writing this (end of July 2020) there are just over 70 links in the list ranging a whole lot of topics.

I'll add links to this whenever I feel like it and they'll be on whatever topic I find cool etc.

Sites marked with [Dead] are either broken links or sites that give the ol' 404. They will be replaced by an link instead and if that doesn't exist I'll try find one on

NEW I have added my old 2017 onion and i2p link lists. Disclaimers are on the pages.

Now, to the sites!

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