Web Links

I started this circa. end of October 2019 and have been slowly adding to it ever since. The links are of various topics. Also feel free to link to this too if you make a list. :)


  1. Sites may go down. If so then head to archive.org or archive.today and try looking them up there. Sometimes it works, sometimes they aren’t archived.
  2. Links will all open in a seperate window/tab based on browser settings.

Below is automatically generated from the genre’s in this unsorted list so don’t expect complete organisation of them. There may be some categories which could fall under the same umbrella for instance.

Advice Archive Art, probably Articles Astronomy Blog Blog post Command line Community Cryptography Database Directory Document DOS Exploration File upload Fonts Free software Games Generator Geology Guide idk Imageboard Information Internet etiquette IRC Linguistics Link aggregator Linux Mail Meme Motherfucking Website Movies News Operating Systems Paranormal Personal site Philosophy Politics Privacy Programming Retro RFC Search Engine Security Simulation Social media Software Soul Space Statistics Survival Technology Terminal Textboard Time Tool Weather Web design Web development Webring

As of 14 Jul 2024 (last time list modified) there are 98 links on the list. You can count them if you really want to.