This is my blog, iteration 3585843852...

Instead of trying to automate it with a bash script as pointed out here and here I'll just be adding entries manually and updating the index manually. For some reason the manual experience makes it more worth it for me.

I've added categories to the index so when you look at it you can instantly tell the date, what the post is about (category) and what the name of it is plus there is a link to the post.


November 2020
26 Nov 2020 site A Whole New World.. again!
October 2020
15 Oct 2020 personal Getting Personal.
03 Oct 2020 site 100 Links.
September 2020
09 Sep 2020 site Minor updates.
05 Sep 2020 article Attack of the Clones.
August 2020
23 Aug 2020 site Some site updates!
July 2020
29 Jul 2020 site Using rsync to make uploading my site easier.
25 Jul 2020 rant I hate Twitter.
23 Jul 2020 site Making my site a just werks site.
15 Jul 2020 tech Installing runit on *BSD.. sort of.
February 2020
07 Feb 2020 old New blog page format coming soon!
January 2020
20 Jan 2020 old Old websites.
09 Jan 2020 old The page is back!
08 Jan 2020 old Automating my site.
04 Jan 2020 old First ACTUAL post.
December 2019
17 Dec 2019 old First post.

A Whole New World.. again!

So uh, I guess the whole perpetual redesigns thing really was right after all.

I just wanted a clean site that was easy to read and extremely basic to look at. While the last iteration fit the bill, I just feel like I added way to much visual component to it then it became messy and hard to read which strayed away from the original goal. So what do you do when you don't like the way something (you have control over) is going? Pull the plug and start over. That's what I did.

I spent the last few days working on this and I'm 95% alright with the result. I still have the old CSS so it's not like that design is gone forever.

Alas. See you in 3 months when my motivation to work on this site picks up again. It's been pretty low as fuck recently

Getting Personal.

I'm just gonna spill my raw thoughts about how my mood has been recently.

I've been sitting in my room since March. In that time I've done a couple online classes which I will say are much better than in-person but that's besides the point. I thought surviving lockdown would be easy but it really hasn't been. I got bored quick and my mental state just melted away. I wish I kept a log of my day to day activities so I could show this better, but between being anxious for the future and sleep being fucked as per usual, there wouldn't be much to log because I haven't really been varied in what I've been doing these last few months which has given me a serious case of burnout on all fronts.

Over the last 3 days my sleeping pattern got fucked up again and thus started the nocturnal cycle all over again. Waking up and it being dark is so shitty, then you're up all night bored as fuck and with no motivation to do anything because that's how life has been like for the last 10 months or so and so that cycle also continues and doesn't help at all.

I can't stand things I used to like and don't even want to get out of bed in the morning because I don't feel like the day ahead of me is going to lead to anything valuable. I don't know how to get out of this cycle.

Then the anxiety and irrational worries and panic attacks, that used to be a big problem around 8 years ago, came back and flipped this shit upside down. Don't even get me started on thinking I'm going to die every fucking night for months.

It's at a point now where I have the panic attacks and all that other shit I mentioned and it feels horrible and I really don't know how to change it all because you can't just go outside and turn your life around like you used to be able to do before the pandemic.

Alas, guess I'll just have to live like this for another few horrible months.

EDIT (23/10/2020): After writing this and realising how bad it sounds I have taken steps to improve my life. Those include: sleeping at the right times, eating at the right times and going out walks. These are helping pretty well and are keeping me afloat!

100 Links.

As of today I have hit 100 links in the web link list! Didn't really think the list would get that big ever so this came as a surprise when I checked the page stats and it was in the 90s.

When I started the list, I was still trying to figure out what I wanted the site to look like, what I was gonna talk about etc. There was 20~ links and the design was naff.

Alas, here we are. I hope to make it bigger and hope to make more lists in the future too!

Minor updates.

So I decided recently that I was fed up with the state of my Arch Linux installation that I had been maintaining for nearly 2 years. Backed everything (nearly everything) up and reinstalled it.

Install went well then I realised I had lost my scripts folder, which meant I had lost the script to upload this site to the server. Luckily I had bits and pieces of it saved in other places and I was able to rebuild it but I completely lost my 4chan image downloader that I had been working on since 2017.

Moral of the story is keep backups of backups kids!

Also I've started a new blog category called articles where I can put my personal thoughts on subjects. First entry is below.

Attack of the Clones.

NOTE: probably some politics. I hate them as much as the next guy but it's relevant to this so yeah you've been warned!

No, not the movie.

So if you've been on the internet long enough you'll have noticed a lot of "copycats" of bigger sites crop up.

During the last American election when Trump got elected, there was the whole saga of people being censored by larger sites such as Twitter, Facebook and YouTube. This led to different kinds of people deciding "You know what? Fuck this" and going and making their own Twitter or Facebook. A classic example of this would probably be Gab.


Gab is a social media network much like Twitter. It was created by a Christian Trump supporter (yes that is relevant, I wouldn't include it otherwise. I'm not some mainstream media outlet trying to drag people.) in the hopes to create a free-speech alternative where people aren't censored by the thought police. While that is a great idea it has came with its issues.

When people found out Gab was being made by someone who was a Trump supporter, of course what they did was they all jumped on the hate bandwagon and started calling Gab alt-right and Nazis. This led to Gab losing who was hosting them and they had to switch to another VPS provider. Then they tried making mobile apps for the Apple and Google Play Stores in which they were censored by both platforms for "breaking the guidelines". After this it fueled them even more to the point where they joined the fediverse so they could talk freely without being censored. This led to nearly every Mastodon node just blocking access to them thus not solving the issue.

Gab, in my opinion, was part of a big movement of sorts where X is the "left wing" shithole and Y is the free speech alternative but really it's the "right wing" shithole. An example to prove my point even further is just look at the Gab News page. It's all politics and is pretty biased towards one side. Then look at the Twitter Explore tab. It's the same sorta thing but for another side. This trend has became pretty obvious in a lot of copycat sites and is the general basis for this article.


Ruqqus, much like Gab, is a free-speech alternative to Reddit. It was made round about the same time Reddit started banning free-speech and policing wrong think on its site. When Reddit recently done a huge ban wave a lot of banned subreddits moved to Ruqqus. One of these subreddits was r/WatchRedditDie which was started as "a place to track reddit's abandonment of free speech and decline into censorship". r/WRD is currently the biggest "guild" on Ruqqus. From my perspective, r/WRD and Ruqqus are just another classic example of this trend. This probably hasn't helped them in any way.


Overall this is a very common pattern and it leads to nothing good most of the time. The same can be said for YouTube and Bitchute but I don't know enough about Bitchute to talk on it. All I do know is when you go on to the site it's exactly what you wouldn't want to see from an alternative platform because, as the trend tells us, it is very centered on "the other side" from what it is trying to break away from.

Some site updates!

So over the last month I've made some small but worthwhile iterations to the site which I think are really good and wanna talk about!

Stats page

I recently created a bash script to give site statistics such as how many links are in each link list, how many blog posts there are and how many in each category, how many files/directories are in the directory structure and a couple small things such as when the site was last updated and which part of the site was last updated. I could probably add more things in the future because the script is very flexible and fast to run to. It gets ran whenever I upload a new version of the site with rsync so it's pretty up-to-date.

Blog index

The blog page now has an index of all the posts and when they were made. It contains some old posts that I found on older iterations of the site. They may not be the most interesting but they are there for archival purposes. They're under a tag called the old tag, which as you can see in the index, is for older archived posts. This brings me to the new colour coded categories which I made so you can easily find your way through the posts.

Link list format

I changed the format of the link lists back to tables because I realised the simple way I was using had a major blunder in that once a description became too long weird things with the spacing would start happening. The fix? Make it a table with a fixed width so it just breaks the line when it overflows. Problem sorted with that.

On the note of the link list I also added colouring to make the site easier to read because I got asked about making it easier to see what line you are looking at.

Using rsync to make uploading my site easier.

Finally I bit the bullet and made an rsync script in bash to upload all the contents of my site to the server. To understand why this is a big deal to me you need to know some context of how I've managed this site in the past.

Back when I would make iterations of this site I would create them locally, tar them up, upload them to some file host, go on to the server, wget them down then remove the old site and untar the archive and boom a new site was uploaded. Now, this method worked but was manual and time consuming. I found an old archive of a really old version of the site one time and accidentally untarred it in the same directory as my site which nuked all the files and that was a big motivator for me to finally make this script and I really don't regret making it.

Now I can make a change to a local copy then just run the script, do some auth things then it uploads it to the server. This is perfect

I hate Twitter.

I'm done with Twitter. Twitter is 100% marketed towards a certain political leaning, and as 2020 has shown, it's a tool to pit people against one another. I'm fed up going on there to see people screech about retarded shit or to see who's getting dogpilled on next without hearing what the other side of whatever situation has to say (cancel culture). I remember back when the guy got killed by the cop all these antifa retards turning rightfully done black lives matter protests into anarchist movements and thinking to myself, "Why am I on a site that encourages this shit?". Then "anonymous" came back except this "anonymous" seemed very interested in promoting antifa and its tweets spread like wild fire breeding the hate machine. Once something gets too big then it goes to shit and that's true for Twitter and it's true for sites like Reddit too.

Gonna just not look at Twitter or use it anymore cause it's a waste of mental energy and is such a fucking shithole especially this year.

Also to be clear I'm not a centrist but I think both sides of the spectrum are equally dumb as shit.

Making my site a just werks site.

I've decided after many iterations of my site to just make it as simple as possible also known as making it just werk. I tried something like this before where it was just a monospace font, white foreground and black background and it was cool but didn't appeal to me that well and was done away with.

But now I think may be the final design change I make to the site. I am no webdev and do this for fun and the past iterations have been really complex to manage because I was trying to fit a design of like a minimal but aesthetically pleasing website, and because design isn't my forte, it didn't go as planned and became more of a headache to work on than something of a hobby.

I tried making an automated blog in bash and having to manipulate HTML in a shell language is no easy task and since that headache I haven't really touched the idea of making another blog till now. This one will just be manually typed out because honestly that's way easier to manage.

new blog page format coming soon

new formatting style for this coming soon which makes it easier to search. instead of having it all on one page it'll be split into multiple.

old websites

Might have a project coming up soon surrounding older style websites. More details coming soon when we can all work on it!

The page is back!

I accidentally fucked something up in the backend which caused all my pages to get nuked. We've rebuilt tho so we're good.

Automating my site

Been tryna come up with ways to automate this site a bit better.

One of the ideas I came up with was to make a program that updates the header links for when I add new pages. Another was to automate the creation of links on the link list which I'm going to do for sure sometime soon.

Hell this blog script was the start of automating soda so yeah. Still gathering ideas to cut down on the manual editing of every page which can be a hastle.

I'm also off for a couple weeks so I'll need to entertain myself. Should be interesting.

First ACTUAL Post

I actually got a decent thing going for the blog

Now I can do these breaklines like normal and not need to add the br html tag all the time to act as a seperator. yay for that.

This was a sleepless night and i was bored so you're welcome future me

First post

This is my hacked together with bash blog!

So like yeah it's a script which makes posts. It's a bit rough round the edges and is changing a lot as I come up with new ideas which means it breaks a lot and does weird stuff. oh well. posting...