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Apr 2024 Human Nature in a nutshell
Jan 2024 Time.
Jan 2024 6 Months with Nix/NixOS


Dec 2023 2023, In Retrospect
Jul 2023 1 Month with NixOS
May 2023 pyfeed: a new and very simple CLI RSS feed reader
Feb 2023 The 3 Golden Rules
Feb 2023 Back out of Maintenance Mode with HUGE Improvements!
Feb 2023 Maintenance Mode
Jan 2023 You can't always go it alone.


Sep 2022 Distractions Are Destroying Our Lives
May 2022 File System Consistency: what Linux fails hard at that others don't.


Sep 2020 Attack of the Clones
Jul 2020 Using rsync to make uploading my site easier