This is my blog, iteration 3585843852...

I've added categories to the index so when you look at it you can instantly tell the date, what the post is about (category) and what the name of it is plus there is a link to the post.


date category post name
2021-06-11 site Probably done for the forseeable
2021-02-08 site New Year, Another New Redesign.
2020-11-26 site A Whole New World.. again!
2020-10-03 site 100 Links.
2020-09-09 site Minor updates.
2020-09-05 article Attack of the Clones.
2020-08-23 site Some site updates!
2020-07-29 site Using rsync to make uploading my site easier.
2020-07-25 rant I hate Twitter.
2020-07-23 site Making my site a just werks site.
2020-02-07 old New blog page format coming soon!
2020-01-20 old Old websites.
2020-01-09 old The page is back!
2020-01-08 old Automating my site.
2020-01-04 old First ACTUAL post.
2019-12-17 old First post.