Using rsync to make uploading my site easier

Posted 29 Jul 2020 (2020-07-29)

Finally I bit the bullet and made an rsync script to upload all the contents of my site to the server. To understand why this is a big deal to me you need to know some context of how I’ve managed this site since the beginning.

Back when I would make redesigns and iterations of this site I would create them locally, tar them up, upload them to some file host, log into soda, wget them down then remove the old site, untar the archive and boom a new site was uploaded.

Now, this method worked but was very manual and time consuming. I found a really old version of the site in a tarball one time and accidentally untarred it in the same directory as the live site which nuked all the files. That was a probably the biggest motivator for me to finally make this script and I really don’t regret it.

Now I can make a change to a local copy then just run the script, do some auth things, and it uploads it to the server. This is perfection.