Last edited: 02/Mar/2023

About / FAQ

Who are you?

just trying my best.

What do you do?

to put it simply, i'm attempting to make something in every medium possible

What are you currently doing?

as of recently, i really customising and using spacehey, no matter how close i get it to look like this place, it aint the same

Why did you make this?

this site also originally started out as a joke (see, ciggy), eventually it evolved (or devolved), into whatever you're seeing right now.

What inspired you?

i wanted to do something in the style of these types of websites after realising what i could do with it, but also make it into some semi-personal site too.
side note: spoonm's site was fuckin' cool, man

What do you like?

all sorts of stuff, really depends on how i'm feeling, right now, it's YMO's Live Performances at NYC 1979

Roguelike/lites like Nuclear Throne, Caves of Qud, Loop Hero, Dead Estate
Fps'ses such as Titanfall 2 & Ultrakill
others include N++, BallisticNG, Y.o.m.i Hustle, Ubermosh (all of them)
and whatever else is on my retroarch setup

i really like Ville Kallio, Michael Heizer, John Register, that Nighthawks painting by Edward Hopper and architectural techniques such as Brutalism

Playtime, Hardcore Henry, Nobody, Akira, Blade Runner (1982), Battle Royale (2000) and House (1977) just to name a few
i have yet to see more like The Lighthouse, Drive, or anything else by Takeshi Kitano

luv' Eric Andre Show, luv' Smiling Friends, luv' FLCL, 'luv Garth Marenghi's Darkplace. simple as.

i like reading the manuals for my motherboard and mouse

What's your setup?

OS: Windows10
Editor: Nano
Terminal: PuTTY

my old laptop:
OS: Void Linux
WM: i3
Editor: Nano
Terminal: QTerminal
i'll use linux again someday