Last edited: 10/Nov/2022

About / FAQ

Who are you?

i am brad/bradley
just doing my best.

What do you do?

to put it simply, i make things on the internet and am trying to conquer every creative medium.

What are you currently doing?

as of right now, i'm currently working on many multiple things, i like to keep myself overwhelmed and return to projects i had once thought of as "on the shelf". I'm fucking around in OpenMPT at the moment.
The last big thing i made, which hurt me a lot physically: This.

What have you worked on previously?

So far, i've made stuff in Vegas, used Photoshop pretty damn well, made Source Filmmaker "art" & Voxel Art in Magicavoxel, made music with a Tracker (still improving on this one), Doom 2 maps, written stories, draw (drawn?) and i learnt HTML/CSS just for this site.
i'd like to learn some other programming language, but don't know yet.

Why did you make this?

this website also originally started out as a joke (see, ciggy), eventually it evolved (or devolved), into whatever you're seeing right now.

What do you have planned?

i want to overhaul the patch notes and refine the list a little more, removing some, adding others, and lastly write more.

What inspired you?

i wanted to do something in the style of these types of websites, but also make it into some semi-personal site too.

What do you like?

all sorts of stuff, really depends on how i'm feeling, right now, it's Steely Dan and Death Grips

Roguelike/lites, Fps kino such as Titanfall 2 & Ultrakill, others include Nuclear Throne, N++, BallisticNG and whatever i find on my Retroarch setup

i'm a fan of Ville Kallio, Michael Heizer, John Register, the Nighthawks painting by Edward Hopper and architectural techniques such as Brutalism and Deconstructivism

Playtime, Hardcore Henry, Nobody, Akira, Blade Runner (1982) and Battle Royale (2000) just to name a few
i have yet to see more kino like The Lighthouse or Drive.

luv' Eric Andre Show, luv' Smiling Friends, luv' FLCL, luv' Mr Robot. Simple As.

i like reading the manuals for my motherboard and mouse

What's your setup?

OS: Windows10
Editor: Nano
Terminal: PuTTY

my old laptop:
OS: Void Linux
WM: i3
Editor: Nano
Terminal: QTerminal
i'll use linux again someday



Please remember i am just a human, bound by my flesh. In other words, i cannot link/list EVERYTHING, just what i think is cool or whatever nice/niche little thing i find. There can and will be overlaps in Directories and Indexes i put up here, with links showing up here, some showing up in others, whatever. I hope you can understand that i like what i like, and not what YOU like. I will NOT run ads here, and i don't know how many people even visit this site, i do it because i like to, and also because i needed a place to centralise my work. Thanks.