Last edited: 24/Mar/2024


name done diff notes
Doom 1 up to e3 Ultra Violence it was ok
Doom 2 main stuff, but not TNT and Plutonia ^ apart from the first, Sandy's Levels were real stinky
Quake Everything + Expansions Nightmare i'd do it again if i could experience it for the first time
Quake 2 waitin'
Half Life not yet Medium? can't remember will play again with Mmod
Half Life 2 no ^ ^
Doom 4 oh yes. UV multiple times got me to play the originals
Doom 5 not yet i enjoyed it on base ps4 :pain:
Dusk nope certainly will kickstarted the whole boom shoot revival i think
Chop Goblins required for 100% "Goblin" Difficulty the guy that made dusk made this
Titanfall 2 many, many times probably highest might just do another playthrough on highest to make sure