Last edited: 10/Nov/2022

Patch notes

spaffOSv3.(1)4: 10/Nov/2022 -"fuck you, *un-links your spaffcentral*"
/changed up the default theme
spaffOSv3.3: 16/Oct/2022 +new links, finally
+new quotes
-removed some links
/changed desc of some links
spaffOSv3.2: 02/Oct/2022 +new article, finally
-removed site tab icon
/changed projects to works
=cleaned up patch notes
=cleaned up css
!happy spooky month!
spaffOSv3.14: 03/Sep/2022 +new quotes
/new logo
/regular about update
-removed some links
=cleaned up css
spaffOSv3.13: 26/Aug/2022 +added ONE (1) new site to the list
/updated about again
spaffOSv3.12: 20/Jul/2022 =overhauled the Modern theme for the front page
=extremely optimized the site
/removed images on projects, they're now links to refer to the images related to each article
spaffOSv3.11.1: 18/Jul/2022 +updated about & contact
spaffOSv3.11: 15/Jun/2022 +disclaimer
+new quotes
-less quotes
=fixed middle click note not displaying properly on all themes
spaffOSv3.10: 12/Jun/2022 +1 new site in tools
/all timestamps are now universal
/articles in projects now start closed
/cleaned up patch notes by a long shot
spaffOSv3.9.3: 02/06/2022 =fixed uncentered text on projects
spaffOSv3.9.2: 16/05/2022 +slight logo redesign
+site is more compact
=fixed a bug with the seperator grey line thing
spaffOSv3.9: 30/04/2022 +fixed (site died)
+1 new link
+notice for "new tab opening"
/swapped out more quotes to keep things fresh
/scrollbar is now 1px bigger on all themes ▾
=fixed scrollbar not being draggable on certain screens
spaffOSv3.8.1: 14/04/2022 +added more websites
/swapped out a couple quotes
spaffOSv3.8: 07/03/2022 +new entry in projects
+1 new link (heh)
/images on projects now fall under the img class
spaffOSv3.7: 06/03/2022 +added TONS of new links
+added buttons for projects, more stuff to come soon!
spaffOSv3.6.1: 01/03/2022 +description for projects
+projects now shows up on each tab in the navbar
spaffOSv3.6: 21/02/2022 +added more links
+added more quotes
+added new "Webrings + Personal" category for sites dont fit the "Directories" category
/the title now changes based on the theme
=fixed 2 bugs with the navbar on the Modern theme
=fixed a bug with the images on the Weather theme
spaffOSv3.5.2: 18/02/2022 /changed the Weather theme
=fixed some bugs with said theme
spaffOSv3.5.1: 17/02/2022 /renamed ciggy to projects
/scaled up images on said site
spaffOSv3.5: 08/02/2022 +added more links
=optimized the site a bit
=fixed a bug with the theme swapper
=fixed a couple things with the modern theme
spaffOSv3.4: 07/02/2022 +added buttons to sort through the links, (thanks, ikoe!)
+buttons now change colour depending on theme
/changed hover colour on the navbar in the "modern" theme
=fixed bugs relating to buttons
spaffOSv3.3: 06/02/2022 +partnered with soda
-connection terminated with glitch
spaffOSv3.2: 03/02/2022 +added images to ciggy
+added suggestion email in contact<
(you will be credited)
+added two new links
+added more quotes
/cleaned up the patch notes
=properly credited the original theme creators in about
spaffOSv3.1: 02/02/2022 +new "Mk. II" and "Modern" themes
+added line split to better define where the content starts
+added more quotes
/moved projects to the about page
/improved the patch notes to look more consistent
spaffOSv3: 01/02/2022 +Theme swapper status: ▲
+Quotes system online
+added more links
/centered title text
/moved the timestamp to be below the navigation bar to account for the new selector, plus points for style
=fixed a couple bugs for the theme selector
spaffOSv2.2: 24/01/2022 +added more links
/sorted the websites by type
spaffOSv2.1.1: 19/01/2022 =fixed a bug that made the icon of the tab in a pc web browser
be transparent on all pages
spaffOSv2.1: 18/01/2022 +added more links
+added more menus
=fixed a couple bugs
=fixed some typos
spaffOSv2.0: 17/01/2022 +new style
+a working menu (finally)
+new rainbow logo
+more responsiveness
+timestamps at the top of each page
-yellow theme
-removed old menu
spaffOSv1.5: 2021 +new sidebar menu
-removed discord widget
=cleaned up the page a litle
=fixed logo and scaled it up a bit
+added logo
+added text
+added background
+added discord widget/invite